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Designs get stolen. Protect and track them.

Have you had prospects implement your designs without awarding you the contract? With Digify Document Security, you can make it more difficult for them to do so by limiting access and expiry, watermarking and restricting print, copy and screenshots. You can also track who has seen it, when and from which location. 

Bind your prospects legally not to share your designs with others.

Use Digify’s click-through terms of access feature to let prospects agree not to share your designs without your consent - making it less likely that they will do so. 

Win design projects faster. 

Gauge your prospects’ interest by checking how frequently your proposals have been opened, for how long.  Digify also sends you instant email and mobile app notifications when files are opened, so that you can follow up with your prospects at the right time. 

Send secure proposals conveniently from your compose window.

Our Gmail and Outlook plug-ins allows you to send secure proposals safely without leaving your email interface.

It's never too early to start protecting your ideas and designs. 

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